How it all started…

Dear Diary,

It has started; my proper adult life.

The bit my Mammy prayed for after I had decided I wasn’t going to join a convent.

The bit she prayed for after I got this permenant and pensionable, public service job.

The bit where I settle down (and maybe get married if hes the right guy), and at 23 and still single I have been getting a bit nervous of spinsterhood myself.

I have known him for a while; a work colleague. A quiet, unassuming, hardworking guy, a ‘gentle giant’ some describe him as (not that tall but a big lad).

But he never really attracted my attention, until some of the girls at work started saying stuff to me about him. One of the local women I work with could tell me all about him and how good he was to his siblings and how hard it was for him living at home. His parents don’t have a good relationship and from what I have heard about them this guy is the glue that holds everything together.

A few weeks ago myself and a couple of the girls went to watch the local under 10’s football match that was playing nearby.

I spotted him not long after we arrived, his little brother was playing in the match, and during the game had been pushed over. The little fella was upset and his big brother went over and knelt down beside him to talk to him. I watched as he picked him up and dusted him down, and clapped him on the shoulder to send him back into the match after making everything better. I gushed at how nice a brother he was to the girls, we all agreed that he would make a great father some day.

But he is very shy, rarely speaking at work, or anytime we meet out in the local pub, until one night, the week before last, he bought me my drink when we happened to be at the bar at the same time,we chatted about work for a few minutes then he went back to his group of friends and I went back to mine.

My friends said he was too shy to ask me out, even though it was obvious he liked me. It was down to me if I was interested in going on a date with him.

So I did it, yep, I sent him a Valentines card! the girls helped me write it, and find his address so I could post it. I sent it anonymously but with a hint in it to let him know it might have been from me.

I was on my night shift at work for Valentines when he rang me to thank me for the card and to ask me out!! So much for being shy, although he was just home from the pub (dutch courage).

We’re going to the cinema tonight for our first date, fingers crossed it all goes well.

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4 Responses to How it all started…

  1. Melanie says:

    nice read thank you x you have a new subscriber =]

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