Time for a Walk

I closed the door behind me; it shut with a bang.

I hadn’t meant to bang it but a window at the back of the house was open causing the draft. Now He’s going to think I left in a temper – not what I wanted.

As I reach our gate I stick my earplugs in for my new iPod and by the time I reach the bottom of our estate I have my favourite dance music playing in my ears.

And I’m free.

For 30 minutes or so. My goal is to walk for 15 minutes then turn back.

My new trainers are comfy, and although I feel a bit frumpy in my new tracksuit bottoms I hope I can close the world off as the drum and bass pound in my ears.

Our commuter village is busy, everyone is coming home from a days work.

Heading home to their loving spouses, their wonderful kids, their gorgeous homes.

I should count myself lucky I suppose, two out of three isn’t bad.

No, don’t think about it. This is ME time.

Time to lose the weight gained after having my second baby (and the weight gained before that by the first fella).

Time to get away from the constant nagging from Him. I have just started back at work after my three month maternity leave and already he is giving off about the vacuuming (or lack of on my part), or the amount of noise in the house in the mornings as he’s trying to sleep after his night shift (eh toddler & baby duh) and he wants to start trying for a third!! eh no sunshine, not unless you are going to have it!

As I turn the corner towards the shops something catches my eye to my left; the front door is open to our local village hall. I  pause for a couple of seconds to see what all the movement is inside. Women doing step aerobics.

THAT’S IT, that’s what I want to do. I’ll get a number and ring to find out about joining.

I pass the hall and head through the village and out the other side. My head now full of thoughts about doing something I have never tried before – join something on my own.

With the trees lining the road I can nearly imagine being in the countryside (apart from the footpath and all the traffic). The autumn sun is starting to lower in the sky and the gentle breeze is just enough to keep me cool. I am sure my face has already turned red from the exertion.

I am loving this though. And it is easier than I thought it was going to be with my post natal overweight body.

I reach my 15 minute mark and make a note of what house I am beside so that tomorrow evening I can see if I can walk a bit faster and get a bit further. I might even measure it using the car. I would love to be able to walk a 15 min mile.

I turn around and head home.The next 10 minutes were great.

Outside the Hall the cars are starting to pull away, the step aerobics class must be over.

I turn the corner, this last bit is a struggle. I had forgotten it was uphill.

With the music pounding in my ears I march home with a new determination, a new goal.

Home to my wonderful kids and gorgeous wee home.

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