Fight, Flight or Give Up, What Would You Do?

I see it happening, like something you would see in the movies.

I see a scared woman fumbling with door keys, trying desperately to unlock the door and then dropping them out of her trembling hand’s to the floor.

I see her bending down, desperately trying to pick them back up as panic envelopes her entire being when she realise’s He is now standing directly behind her. 

Too late, her moment for escape has passed. 


Two minutes earlier He was shouting at her, in their kitchen/dining room, demanding to know had she rang the police. Was that who she had just been on the phone to. She couldn’t answer Him. He grabbed the phone out of her hand and checked the number on the phone. 

A swell of panic rose on his face, she could see it. ‘Are they coming to get me?’ he screamed at her. ‘They are on their way’ she answers, thinking it would make him leave.

‘I’ll fucking kill ya’ He shouts as He turns towards the cutlery drawer.

She waited long enough to see what He was trying to take out of the drawer. Then she turned for their back door with the keys, with an image of a black handle with silver spots in her mind.  


Now there she was, her back to the locked door, grasping useless keys in her trembling fingers, as He towers over her with the carving knife in His hand.

I see her sliding slowly down to the floor, landing in a broken heap on the floor, like a lump of jelly.

She can no longer hear what He is shouting down at her. Her body has shut down. 

It has had enough. The previous two hours have taken their toll on her.

She shuts her eyes and bows her head, waiting for what He is going to do next. 


I am shouting at her, now, get up, stand up, defend yourself. But she doesn’t hear me.

I am angry with her for shutting down, just when she is at her most vulnerable.

I am cross with her for not thinking about her two young children asleep upstairs.

I am trying to understand why her body turned to jelly, why her mind shut down.

It’s supposed to be ‘fight or flight’ not ‘fight, flight or give up’.

But then I realise it saved her, He didn’t use the knife to hurt her. He looked at the heap on the ground and after throwing the knife back into the cutlery drawer He left the room.


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2 Responses to Fight, Flight or Give Up, What Would You Do?

  1. My dear friend how wonderful that our paths continue to cross over all these years. This special place where you have opened up your heart and your creative voice inspires me so much. The chilling scene, while it frightens me to my core also makes me stronger and determined to stay alert to the reality of everyday life for many women. Thank you for all you do to make the world a safer place, and here’s to even more joy and happiness for you in 2014. x

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