The Wedding Day

She gathered the bottom of her dress in around her as she sat down, straightening out the layers of chiffon and silk so it wouldn’t get too creased on the journey to the hotel.

The chauffeur closed her door as her new husband closed his and sat down next to her holding their empty champagne flutes. The driver had handed them a glass of bubbly each for the photographs taken outside the car. Both were glad of the refreshing drink.

On a tray in front of them sits the small open bottle of champagne.

Red rose petals lie strewn on the floor at their feet.

Her new husband asks her would she like another glass, she giggles in agreement.

The chauffeur starts the car and there is a cheer from outside as he drives away from in front of the church. 

She smiles and waves out of the window at their cheering relatives.

She sits back and breathes a sigh of relief as her hubby hands her the glass of bubbly.

From the minute she entered the church everything went to plan; the music was gorgeous, the ceremony was lovely, the readers spoke well and she didn’t trip going up or down the aisle. She had been so nervous for the entire time. Sitting at the top of the church, in front of a large crowd, was not exactly her idea of a relaxing time.   

But they were married now, a new chapter, a new beginning, a fresh start.

She looks to her right at her smiling husband and they catch up on all that happened since they last seen each other, at 12 midnight last night, when she left to go home to her parents house.

She laughs at the fact he was up, in the residents bar drinking with his family and friends, until 3 am and that the B&B owners were late with their breakfast this morning.

He gasps at the fact she got lipstick on her dress and the ensuing panic to get the stain clean is what delayed her getting to the church on time. He told her how nervous he was that she wasn’t going to show up.

The hours drive to the park flew by with all the happy chatter between the newly weds as they finished their half bottle of champagne.

Their photographer met them at the lake side in the park, while the rest of their wedding party was gone on to the hotel where their reception was being held.

They posed and smiled and kissed and laughed as the photographs for their wedding album were taken.

He beamed with happiness every time she looked at him and she knew she had made the right decision. 


Afterwards; days, weeks even years, she would look back on those first two hours as a newly married couple and know they were the happiest two hours of the day and probably of their entire marriage.





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