What Real Love Means

What does it mean to feel loved?

The little good morning kiss, with eyes half-open as she struggles to get out of bed for work.

The ‘I love you’ at brekfast time after you have made her brekfast.

The quick chatter about the Worlds News over brekfast after reading through Twitter.

The little touch of her hand on the base of your back as you wash the dishes and she leans in to kiss you on the cheek.

The hug and a kiss every morning as she heads out to work.

The numerous little text messages throughout the day, sharing stuff that happens along the way.

Looking forward to her coming home from work.

Family dinner in the evening where everyone has a chat about their day; kids always excited to have adult ears listen to their ideas and thoughts about video games and supercars and whatever they are into at the moment. Or deep conversations like from the 12-year-old about Hens having souls…

Once the kids are settled in their bedrooms reading/sleeping, it is time for the adults to lounge in front of the telly with a cuppa.

Agreement about what to watch; shared interests and compromise make for a relaxed evening, every evening.

More conversations about the day; work, garden, families, plans for the future, World News.

Everything and anything can be discussed.

Being asked ‘are you ok, you seem a bit down’ when you are feeling a little low. Feeling lucky that they noticed.

Feeling safe to discuss whatever it is that is making you feel ‘a bit down’.

Loving, and being loved by your best friend, your soul mate, your life partner.

Sometimes I am surprised at how safe and comforting being in a loving relationship is. I shouldn’t be surprised because this is what all loving relationships are like. Recovering from being in an abusive relationship takes time and breaking free from the clutches of an abuser is hard for a while but it is so worth it. I look at my kids sometimes and wonder what their lives would have been like if I hadn’t broken the cycle of domestic abuse and I know I made the right decision way back when, for them and for me.

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