Life Moves On Slowly

Tick tock time goes by.

Pain eases.

Bruises heal.

Memories fade.

Children grow up.

We learn to love again.

We learn to trust again.

We learn to live.

We learn to breathe.

We start walking with our heads held high, no longer treading carefully on those egg shells that plagued us for so long.

But we get pulled back into the depths of our past every once and a while. Not by choice though. No one wants to rekindle old horrors, old memories, abuse of any kind.

And no matter how we try to block the memory or flashback it still bears its ugly head.

We hear or read stories in the media that trigger memories, ugly horrible memories, that take us straight back.

I cringe every time I hear of any sort of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault on women. It breaks my heart that one person can inflict such pain on another. Be so selfish. Pure selfishness.

I have no words of consolation for them. The justice system seems to have little or none either. No empathy.

All I can do is share my story – I am where I am right now, loving and living, breathing easily, no longer walking on those eggshells, free to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want. I am watching my wonderful boys grow into wonderful young men, and I am teaching those wonderful young men to treat others and themselves with respect, (with help from my loving partner)  and teaching them the importance of consent in relationships.

I am using my past as the marker for their future, changing the negative into a positive.

It is the best I can do, for now. x

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