About me

I am a very happy 40 something mother of 2, partner to 1, sifting through some memories from my past by writing about them here in this blog.

If you are affected by any of my writings please click on the links I have provided.

My intention is not to make people feel bad or to shock (although some of the stories are shocking), but to make people aware of the different degrees of Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence (not all of my stories will be about DV/DA, there will be some happy ones too).

Domestic Abuse is a hidden disease in our society, one that needs to be outed and cured.

I am no longer a victim, but there are those who may need a shoulder to cry on, or a ear to listen (or a bed to crash on for a night or two).

Break the Silence, talk about it.

And thank YOU for taking the time to read my blog.


6 Responses to About me

  1. magnumlady says:

    A very good idea for a blog. It shows that you may not have a happy childhood but can be very happy later in life. I was wondering about telling my story but not sure.

  2. Nessa Robins says:

    What a brave and fantastic thing you are doing. So much support is needed for those affected by domestic abuse. Through reading your posts someone could take those necessary steps and get the help they need. I’m looking forward to reading along.

  3. Lydia says:

    Sadly this was my experience also. I always knew my mother was a no voter but when she asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday I answered “that you vote yes, it would be the greatest gift you could ever give me”. I didn’t get the hallmark moment, I was met with complete silence. In that silence something changed for forever between us. Just like you she will continue as if everything is the same for me it never will be.

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